Affiliate Program

Get rewarded with points for each referral






How it works

What is our Affiliate Program?

We created a program that lets you become an affiliate and promote your own code to get more reward points!

What Is An "Affiliate"?

An “Affiliate” is someone who joins our program and now has the ability to promote their own codes anytime anywhere to gain themselves more points!

How Do I Earn Reward Points?

Affiliates will receive 10% of the subtotal of the person they refer. Every purchase after that client does, an affiliate will receive 2.5% of the subtotal.

How Do I Get A Code To Promote?

Inside the “Affiliate Area” in “My Account,” go to “Generate Link” and this will give an affiliate their own personal link that is connected to their account. They will also have the options to post it directly onto their socials!

How Do I Receive My Points?!

Affiliates can see all of their referrals and how much they have earned in the “Affiliate Area” section of the “My Account.” We will convert all dollars earned from your account into points for you upon request.